View from the back yard
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Nathan and Jessica. Jessica does a lot of gymnastics, so she's a stick
My brother in law, Sam
Jessica just got an iPod Shuffle. After all the presents were unwrapped we lay about Karen's place and watched the latest Bourne movie. Christmas night, I began transferring files from my Dad's old computer to his new one.
The kids got Trikes for Christmas too
My Sister Karen zonked out after a WED lunch
An arty shot of the Honolulu COSTCO. I spent a fair amount of time being a technician and showing Dad the in's and out's of his new computer. I followed Mom as she checked out the after Christmas sales.
Diamondhead shot from the Pacific National Cemetery, aka the Punchbowl
Mom and Dad. This is the Hilton Hawaiian village at Waikiki
No big waves on the N. shore; nice water though
The resort at Turtle Bay. Dad had meant to try out the buffet lunch at the hotel's restaurant, but we got there at 2:30pm and it was closed down.
....So... we went to this place!
A sudden storm. Actually, the weather was cloudy most of the week.
Dinner at Sarento's. Friday night my sister treated the whole family to a dinner out, to celebrate Dad's 70th birthday.
What Dad really looks like, when he's not posing. He's worried that he's lost Mom in the crowd at the Farmer's Market.
Fish market in Chinatown. A kind vendor offered Mom a big bag of fish guts (she uses it as organic fertilizer in her garden), so I spent the next hour lugging a bag of fish guts around as Mom shopped. Oh, the glamorous life
A kid at the farmer's market